full professional makeup course

The course is for those who want to become professional makeup artists. This course is tailored for everyone and those who are looking to advance their techniques.

The course is aimed at improving your overall delivery skills for makeup services. We will assess and tailor the training to execute a variety of looks. We will also guide you on kit preparation and provide an opportunity to experience practical hands-on experience. This is for those seeking a career in hair and makeup services, or looking to improve their current skills. It will also make you aware of the latest trends in the world of makeup, so that you can be at your best at all times.

We are providing 20 days of professional makeup courses. Our courses will give you the knowledge and skills to perfect your makeup techniques.

Course Content:

* Foundation application techniques,
* Lipstick application techniques,
* Eye makeup application techniques,
* Face contouring and highlighting techniques

Course Duration: 60 Days

After completion of the courses, you will get 100% guaranteed Paid Internship for 3 months and Job Placement Assistance.

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  • Introduction to Concealers: uses, myths & limitations
  • Types of concealers—liquid, stick, cream, cream to powder
  • Color correction using concealers
  • Application techniques

Face-foundation & powdering:
An Introduction to Foundations and Powders: Beauty Blender Uses and Applications.
Foundations and powders are classified as loose or pressed powders, crèmes, liquids, sticks, or powders.

  • An Introduction to Foundations and Powders
  • beauty blender uses and applications
  • Foundation and powders are classified as loose or pressed powders, crème, liquid, stick, or powder.foundation
  • Selecting the right powder
  • Powder application techniques for the right coverage
  • Selecting the right foundation
  • Application techniques for different skin types and looks
  • Formulation techniques for selecting the right shade
  • Techniques for achieving the desired coverage and finish
  • Camouflage & Corrective Makeup
  • Face Sculpting & shading
  • Contouring techniques of face
  • Brightening & highlighting techniques
  • Blush application – crème & Powder
  • Highlighter application – crème & powder


  • Analyzing lip shapes
  • Lip liner uses & application
  • Types of lip sticks – Matte, glossy, demi matte
  • Ombre Lips
  • Mixing & creating lip shades
  • Lip gloss uses & application
  • Application of glitter/sequences/rhinestones, etc.

Eye Design

  • Eye Brows
  • Introduction to eye brow products
  • Eyebrow shaping based on face shape
  • Eyebrow correction

Eye Shadow

  • An Introduction to Eye Shadow Products
  • Application techniques for various eye shapes
  • Eye shadow correction techniques


  • Eye contouring concepts
  • Two/Three/Four Colour eye contouring
  • Eye shadow textures-Matte, powder, cream, shimmer & glitter

Eyelash, Liner, & Mascara

  • Introduction to False Eye Lashes
  • Eyelash correction techniques
  • Eyelash trimming
  • Eyelash application (natural / dramatic)
  • Eyeliner Application Techniques
  • Eye liner products—pencil, gel, liquid, etc.
  • Eye liner correction
  • Prep for Mascara – eye lash curling
  • Types of Mascara – Regular / Waterproof
  • Mascara application techniques

Advanced Eye Make-up Techniques

  • Smokey Eye techniques – Colored / Black
  • Smudged kajal (soft glam) application technique
  • Design of the Halo Eye

Make-Up Products (Cosmetics)

At SBMS we are extremely conscious about providing in-depth product knowledge along with technical & practical skill development. We believe that product knowledge will be incomplete without practical training on a variety of make-up products of various brands, both local and international. The touch, feel and working on a product shall provide the requisite knowledge about a product and shall give the students a confidence to choose the right product to build their vanity.

This will give the required exposure to the students & help them develop the knowledge & confidence to select the right product.

Make-Up Brushes & Hair Equipment & Consumable

One of the most critical factors for a professional artist is to choose the right tools & equipment to get the desired result. SBMS gives every student the liberty to every student to purchase the tools & equipment of their choice & satisfaction. We provide you with a list of information about the tools, equipment & consumables required by the students during the learning process as well as beyond. We also recommend particular models & brands that are used & recommended by our trainers.

The rich experience of our trainers with various brands & equipment is used to provide guidance to our students to purchase the right products from the right vendors. Students can also opt to purchase the same from the academy, which will help them procure genuine products at the most effective price and warranty. We generally recommend & work with reputed brands like Ikonic, Alan Truman, Dyson, Loreal, Schwarzkopf, Wella, PAC, Pro Arte, Beili, etc. However, students are free to buy any brand of their choice as long as they comply with our delivery of quality & effectiveness.

Students will have to procure their own make-up brush kit and hair tool kit. The list of the same is provided after registration. The same can also be seen in our requirements section of this page. Students will have to inform the Academy in advance if they are opting to procure the tools from the Academy.

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