Hair Style SBMS Hyderabad

Blow Dry Short:

This blow dry style will take around 10 minutes and it will leave your hair looking sleek and smooth. You can do this with just one round of blow drying or use a round brush to blow dry the roots and then use your fingers to brush out the ends. This style is perfect for those who want their hair to be sleek, shiny, and smooth.
We provide an overview of products and start-up guidance to get you on your way to doing day-to-day basic makeup.

Straightening Root Touch Up:

This technique is the most popular and easy to use. It involves applying a chemical solution to the roots of your hair, which helps in loosening the curl pattern from the roots and making it smoother at the scalp level. The solution can either be applied manually or through a machine.

Hair Smoothening:

This technique has been in use for decades now, but it has become increasingly popular in recent times due to its convenience and affordability. It does not require any chemicals and instead uses heat from an iron to make your hair smooth.

Blow Dry Medium:

This blow dry style will take around 15 minutes, but it doesn't require any tools like brushes or clips. You can create this look by applying heat protectant all over the head before drying it with a paddle brush or boar bristle brush. This type of drying works best on naturally straight or wavy hair as it won’t cause frizziness or knots.

Hair up Styling

  • Up Styling with Artistic Director
  • Up Styling with Senior Stylist
  • Up Styling with Stylist

Hair styling

  • Hair Ironing Short
  • Hair Ironing Medium
  • Hair Ironing Lon


  • Blow Dry Short
  • Blow Dry Medium
  • Blow Dry Long


  • Shampoo with Conditioner
  • Shampoo, Conditioner & Dry
  • Power Dose
  • Power Mix


  • Hair Colour Application
  • Root Touch Up (Majirel)
  • Root Touch Up (Inoa)
  • Hair Colour Full (Majirel)
  • Hair Colour Full (Inoa)
  • Streaking


  • Straightening
  • Straightening Root Touch Up
  • Hair Smoothening Perming
  • Keratin Treatment


  • Hair Spa Treatment
  • Smart Bond Standalone
  • Smart Bond with Touch Up

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