SBMS is the best makeup artist academy in the country. They offer a variety of services that allow you to get your hair done, nails done, and learn about beauty. The fashion show competitions are fun and a great way to meet new people. I also love their hair styling workshops that show you how to get the perfect look for your face shape!

Pooja SBMS

  • Date
  • 19-09-2022

I've been a student at SBMS since they opened and I am in my fifth year. I have learned so much about the beauty industry and I've never felt more confident in my work. SBMS has taught me how to be an excellent makeup artist, hair stylist, nail artist, and personal trainer; skills that are in high demand for anyone looking to start a career as a makeup artist or hair stylist.

Saraswathi SBMS

  • Date
  • 26-11-2021

SBMS offers a wide variety of services and products. I had the opportunity to go to their hair workshop and was pleasantly surprised by how knowledgeable the instructors were. The staff is also very warm, welcoming and accommodating. I had a great experience!

Soujanya SBMS

  • Date
  • 07-03-2019

I've been looking for a Makeup Academy that is going to be able to help me with my career and the SBMS came up. I decided to do some research on it and found that it has been around for about 8 years now. I also found out that they offer a wide array of classes and have been making a huge impact on the fashion industry. I am excited to attend this Academy!

Manasa SBMS

  • Date
  • 21-12-2018

I have been attending the SBMS workshops and seminars for over a year now. The best thing about them is the instructor's ability to engage with students, regardless of their experience. It is common for me to be completely lost in their classes, only for them to go off on something tangential and make everything clear as day. I can say that this Academy has made me so much more confident in myself!

Sania SBMS

  • Date
  • 14-10-2017